VIDUNDER das neue Classic-Rock-Highlight auf Crusher Records

Zu den geschmackssichersten Labels der Retro-Zunft gehören Schwedens Crusher Records (u.a. Horisont, Troubled Horse, die Spiders und die Blues Pills wurden dort entdeckt).

Das neueste Prachtwerk kommt von den feinen VIDUNDER. Auch diese Kerle kennt man bereits. Das selbstbetitelte Debüt räumte 2013 mächtig gute Kritiken ab, man tourte mit Helden wie Graveyard, Horisont und Spiders. Jetzt ist also höchste Zeit für einen Nachschlag. "Oracles And Prophets" entstand – logo! – analog im heimischen Malmö und zeigt VIDUNDER um einiges reifer, ohne an Energie und Reiz zu verlieren. Die Arrangements sind ausgetüftelter, geben den Melodien mehr Platz, lassen aber zugleich längere Experimental-Parts zu.

Hier die Band dazu im O-Ton:

- "If the last album was a result of what we sound like if one knocks up a bunch of microphones and play rock, this is how it turned out when we worked with a more open mind and thorough work in production. We have brought new elements into the songs, both in terms of arrangements and instruments wise, to move forward and develop our sound", says singer and guitarist Martin Prim.

- "This time we wanted to try something new", drummer Jens Rasmussen explains, "so we invited Emil at Studio Möllan into the process and began to talk ideas. We ended up stripping the songs from waste, rehearsed the new arrangements, and ta-da, everything felt perfect!"

Martin continues: - "We have played and toured a lot together over the past two years, which has made us tighter as a group and more comfortable in what we do musically. And since Johannes joined the band on the organ we have developed a much bigger sound, something we also succeeded in transferring to the album."

VIDUNDER Oracles And Prophets Crusher / Cargo VÖ: 22.05.2015

#vidunder #CrusherRecords

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