Inactive Messiah: das neue Dark-Metal-Meisterstück!

Griechenland hat eine langjährige hochklassige Tradition im Düster-Metal. Auch INACTIVE MESSIAH sind in dieser Szene keine Unbekannten. Zuletzt machten sie ihrem Namen alle Ehre und lagen sechs Jahre auf Eis, jetzt melden sie sich mit einen echten Kracher zurück, den sie mal eben ganz zurückhaltend "Dark Masterpiece" getauft haben. Aber warum nicht auf die Schwarte hauen, wenn man´s dermaßen souverän draufhat, knackige Härte und düstere Atmosphäre mit Schmackes zu verbinden? Ohne Barockkleid-Weinerei oder die üblichen Gothic-Metal-Peinlichkeiten vieler Konkurrenten hauen INACTIVE MESSIAH einen Hit nach dem anderen raus. Kerniges Riffing, harsche Vocals und dennoch schicke Melodielinien ohne Ende, voller Atmosphäre und Feeling. Die Neunziger scheinen immer wieder durch, jedoch nicht als pures Retro-Erlebnis, sondern als Fundament für ein zeitloses Prachtwerk! Darkness is coming!

Greek dark metallers INACTIVE MESSIAH come back to life, after 6 years of inactivity, delivering their third full length album, as a follow-up to the highly successful “Sinful Nation” (Holy Records, 2008). “Dark Masterpiece” delivers a powerful combination of symphonic, electronic and atmospheric metal elements (even acoustic guitars are featured), resulting in a modern metal release that derives from the glorious 90’s but yet sounds up-to-date and fresh as never before. The rhythmic groove and song structures of Paradise Lost and Sentenced blend with the industrial feeling of Marilyn Manson and Rammstein, and gets blackened by an overall gloomy atmosphere, as brought to you by black metal innovators The Kovenant and Samael. Guitar leads seem influenced by Septic Flesh or even “Elegy”-era Amorphis while vocals vary from in-your-face brutal growls to low-register minimal melodies that bring in mind everything from Anathema’s Vincent Cavanagh to a twisted version of Sisters of Mercy emblematic frontman, Andrew Eldritch. The powerful production of Fotis Benardo (ex-Septic Flesh) gives the extra touch needed for the long-awaited come-back of INACTIVE MESSIAH, who seem to have returned for good.

• Third full length album from Greek dark metal act INACTIVE MESSIAH.

• Released in CD format by Growl Records (Karma Violens) which is a division of ROAR! Rock of Angels Records (Outloud, Monument UK, Fallen Arise, Sorrowful Angels, Phase Reverse, Sarissa, Memorain etc) on April 15th, 2016.

• Inactive Messiah have toured in Europe (more than 140 dates) extensively with the likes of Vader, God Dethroned, Severe Torture, Rotting Christ, Type O Negative, Moonspell, Malevolent Creation, Incantation, Septicflesh, Krisiun, Omen and performed in festivals such as Rockwave Festival (Greece), Raismes Fest Open Air (France), March Metal Day Fest (Greece), Metal Healing Fest (Greece), No Budget Fest (Greece), Top T Festival (Romania) and Arena Festival (Greece) amongst others. Inactive Messiah is an experienced and critically acclaimed live act that one must have the chance to witness.

• “Dark Masterpiece” is the long-awaited new album from Greek industrial / atmospheric metallers INACTIVE MESSIAH. Successfully combining symphonic, electronic and atmospheric metal elements, “Dark Masterpiece” sounds deeply inspired by the 90’s, yet modern and up-to date and is suitable for fans of industrial rock / metal pioneers Marilyn Manson and Rammstein as well as for atmospheric metal enthusiasts that are into the early works of Paradise Lost and Sentenced, or even fans of experimental black metal acts The Kovenant and Samael.

• Inactive Messiah’s full length album “bE mY dRug” was awarded as “Album of the Trimester” by French Metallian Magazine.

• Guest electronic parts were produced by techno DJ / producer Christian Cambas (1605, Greatstuff, Sabotage, Toolroom, Blufin, Rusted etc.) and Dimitris Stathakopoulos a.k.a. Pierrot (Virgins O.R Pigeons).

• Orchestral parts were performed by FILMharmonic Orchestra of Prague (that has collaborated with the likes of Dream Thater, SepticFlesh, Chaostar, Blind Guardian and Freddie Mercury and has performed in scores and soundtracks of over 130 films, TV series and video games) and arranged by Christos Antoniou (Septic Flesh, Chaostar).

• "Dark Masterpiece" was produced and engineered by Inactive Messiah, mixed and mastered by Fotis Benardo (SixForNine, ex-Septic Flesh) and Inactive Messiah at Devasoundz Studios (Rotting Christ, Septic Flesh, Melechesh, Inner Wish etc.), Athens, Greece.

• Cover artwork was designed by Seth Siro Anton (Paradise Lost, Moonspell, Septic Flesh).

INACTIVE MESSIAH Dark Masterpiece Growl / Soulfood VÖ: 15.04.2016

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