Ari Lehman´s First Jason: The original Jason Voorhees returns with his band: new album

There is cult and there is CULT!

Without any doubt, the new signing of ETERNAL SOUND RECORDS is CULT and the Eternal Sound family is proud to have signed with the New York City born allround-musician and artist ARI LEHMAN!

Ari is a skilled and educated jazz-pianist, given a scholarship to Berklee School Of Music by famous Jazz Educator Dr. Billy Taylor and went on to study Jazz Piano and Big Band Orchestration at the New York University. Then there was this little, cruel movie, where ARI had his small part and which should change his life, and at least the history of horror-movies forevermore. In the first chapter of Friday the 13th, he played the meanwhile most well-known and long-lived slasher-hero of the cinema history, Jason Voorhees, back then very young.

During the last years, ARI combined his love to music and his cinema role under the flag of ARI LEHMAN`S FIRST JASON, a Metal/Hardrock powerhouse with formidable hooks in a horror garb. Releasing their debut album „Jason Is Watching“ back in 2009, ARI was supported by Chuck "Nefarious" Lescewicz of the Chicago based assassinating metal-squad Macabre on bass andAmit Shamir(among others Cro-Mags) on drums. With the 2013 released „Heed My Warning“, FIRST JASON were called „thinking man’s horror-themed rock“, which hits the nail on the head. Meanwhile ARI and FIRST JASON are playing 200 shows a year on horror-conventions and own shows as well. So watch out for the first album on Eternal Sound Records, which will see the day of light in May 2017!

Welcome back to Crystal Lake. The body count continues…

ARI LEHMAN´S FIRST JASON To Be A Monster Eternal Sound Released: 02.06.2017


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