Heavy Psych News: MOTHER ENGINE neu dabei | THE LORDS OF ALTAMONT/GIÖBIA auf Tour!

HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS Records&Booking is really proud to announce a new band in the roster!


The German trio Mother Engine plays instrumental rock music influenced by Stoner and Postrock as well as the trippy Psychedelic Rock of the 60s and 70s and the indigenous German Krautrock. It's no real surprise that that the journey of that spaceship actually began at the tent stage of a big German Stoner Rock festival in the year 2013. What we talk about is a spirit of DIY, uncompromising endurance and the strong will to play every single stage. After two records ('Muttermaschine' 2013, 'Absturz' 2015) and appreances at many of the most important European scene festivals like Stoned from the Underground, Freak Valley Festival, Sonic Blast Moledo, Into the Void or Rotormania, it seems like they got their landing permission at the European stages for heavy psychedelic music. In fall 2017 they will release their third studio album 'Hangar' and doing a 6-week-tour through whole Europe presenting the new material. People who heard the new songs live talk about a kind of stoner prog and maybe this impression hits right on the spot.


Chris Trautenbach (guitar) Cornelius Grünert (drums) Christian Dressel (bass)

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: La Prod JV Booking & Heavy Psych Sounds Records Presents:

***THE LORDS OF ALTAMONT*** on tour!!


28/07 : FAST & LOUD FESTIVAL - Macon FR 29/07 : SPAKEMOTUTOFESTIVAL, Sanguinetto, Verona IT 30/07 : GROOVE, Lugo, Vicenza IT 31/07 : TRUE NATURE, Sezzadio, Alessandria IT 01/08 : HANA-BI, Marina di Ravenna IT 02/08 : BLAH BLAH, Torino IT 05/08 : ROADKILL FESTIVAL - Waarschoot BE


06/10 : Le Brise Glace - Annecy FR : 07/10 : Smac Les Abattoirs - Bourgoin Jallieu FR : 10/10 : L’Escale - Le Havre FR 11/11 : La Ferme d’en Haut - Villeneuve d’Ascq FR 12/10 : Le Poche - Bethune FR 13/10 : De Casino - Sint Niklass BE 14/10 : Le Point Ephémère - Paris FR 17/10 : le Molotov - Marseille FR : 18/10 : Secret Place - Montpellier FR 19/10 : El Mediator - Perpignan FR 20/10 : Cri’art - Auch FR : 21/10 : Pavillon 108 - Fumel FR : 23/10 : Rocksound - Barcelona ES : 24/10 : Loco Club - Valencia ES : 25/10 : Lopez - Zaragoza ES 26/10 : Boite - Madrid ES 27/10 : Porta Caeli - Valladolid ES : 28/10 : Satelite T - Bilbao ES :

The LA based, mighty, garage rock n' rollers are ready to start a full european tour to promote the upcoming new release "The Wild Sounds of The Lords of Atamont" out for HPS Records this Fall 2017.


***GIÖBIA*** on Summer tour!!

THE LORDS OF ALTAMONT The Wild Sound Of The Lords Of Altamont Heavy Psych / Cargo VÖ: 06.10.2017 http://lordsofaltamont.com www.facebook.com/LordsOfAltamont

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