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Heavy Psych Sounds Records is really stoked to announce all the upcoming releases! Fall is coming...this time the Heavy Psych Sounds Records decided to set all the presales for the 1st of september. So save the date, be quick and grab your copies of the next albums: [if !supportLineBreakNewLine] [endif]

PRESALE HERE: http://www.heavypsychsounds.com/shop.htm


"Fvzz Dei" will bring you into a rough and bluesy fuzzed-out universe. The album is produced mixed and mastered in Murduck Productions studio based in Rome, recorded with the warm sound of an analog mixer from italian 80's tv shows, and mastered with a real tape analog support.

DEADSMOKE - MOUNTAIN LEGACY VÖ: 29.09.2017 Six brand new tracks featuring deep guitar fuzz and growling bass take the listener on a journey through the woods, alternating lightly groovy rhythms with sludge-doom cadences.

MOTHER ENGINE - HANGAR VÖ: 29.09.2017 A real unique piece of music, which, on one hand side, used to be a concept album to show the evolution of the “Mother Engine” in their fictive story of the same named spaceship and its crew as well as the evolution of the musicians themselve in songwriting and diy recording and production processes to really get inside of the implementation of their imagination.

THE LORDS OF ALTAMONT - THE WILD SOUNDS OF THE LORDS OF ALTAMONT VÖ: 06.10.2017 A hammered 4-stroke beat like a twin cylinder engine running on idle, a roaring guitar riff revving up the rpms of the iron-built motorcycle-inspired band, then the fresh and insisting breeze of a Farfisa organ whispering 'let's ride' and a heavy bass greasing up the reliable crank and rods of that authentic rock'n'roll machine, and there goes, ladies and gents, the mighty Lords Of Altamont combo!

TURN ME ON DEAD MAN - HEAVYMETAL MOTHERSHIP VÖ: 13.10.2017 Is Heavymetal Mothership apocalypse rock for the end of the world or soundtrack for a mothership invasion? You decide...Heavymetal Mothership is at once incredibly heavy and totally far out psych!

NICK OLIVERI - N.O. HITS AT ALL VOL.3 VÖ: 20.10.2017 For the first time, all the songs (including a previously unpublished Kyuss lives great track!!!) and bands Nick Oliveri recorded with over the past 25 years are together and available to you to trip out on. So get your head right and put this record on and play it loud!


VÖ: 06.10.2017 After 5 years of their debut album, something unreleased is coming! The Heavy Stoner Desert Rock trio from Indio, California is ready to give you a unique new piece of music composed by 2 unreleased killer songs, 2 covers: one of Black Sabbath and one of Billy Squire plus a bunch of out takes and live songs for a running time of about 30 minutes of music. The amazing artwork is made by Solo Macello the Italian illustrator that take care of a lot of the HPS Records designs. The band (ex-Unida) repeat the success of the old formula, with Mike Cancino great drumming and the wall of guitar sound of Arthur Seay, that is also the producer of the album, Joe More finalize the job with his wonderful vocals a-la John Garcia The album has been recorded at the Arthur Seay studio, Indio, California in the deep desert close to the Joshua Tree area who inspired so many artists The listener can feel the dust of the desert in his mouth, driving on an old Cadillac, on some desert highways surrounded by the howling of Coyotes

DUEL-FEARS OF THE DEAD (repress) VÖ: 29.09.2017

Sex, drugs, the occult and buckets of blood. Austin, Texas tripped out heavies DUEL release their first album. Growling desperate vocals and angry fuzzed out guitars telling tales of horror and hallucination. Hard Rock as it should be totally pure and unpretentious. Produced and engineered by lead guitarist Jeff Henson at his new studio Red Nova Ranch in the wastelands of Texas not far from the historic Texas Chainsaw Massacre house. Prepare for Hell or Valhalla, from start to finish this carefully crafted album WILL KILL YOU! Hugely influenced by the darker sounds of early 70’s Proto-metal. Features two ex Scorpion Child (Nuclear Blast) members. Their sound is menacing and brutally old school. Total purists, their tunes cut right to the bone with heavy, deep groove and blistering tone. Tough and Loud! Hard rock as it should be! Artwork by Branca Studio Repressed in Cd, Black Vinyl and Ltd Splatter trasp. black-red-white

PRESALE HERE: http://www.heavypsychsounds.com/shop.htm

Heavy Psych Sounds Records&Booking is really proud to present

***HOUSE OF BROKEN PROMISES EUROPEAN TOUR 2017*** Tour is supported by BLACK BONE for the second part of the tour 29.09.2017 (IT) Pescara, Scumm 30.09.2017 (IT) Savona, Raindogs 01.10.2017 (IT) Parma 02.10.2017 (IT) Zerobranco, Altroquando 03.10.2017 (IT) Milan 04.10.2017 (FR) Chambery, Le Brin Du Zinc 05.10.2017 (FR) Montpellier, The Black Sheep 06.10.2017 (SP) Barcellona, Monasterio 07.10.2017 (SP) Madrid 08.10.2017 (SP) Santiago De Compostela, Sala Moon 10.10.2017 (SP) Gijon, Sala Acapulco 11.10.2017 (SP) Bilbao, Wombat 12.10.2017 (SP) Saragoza or San Sebastian 13.10.2017 (FR) Nantes, La Scene Michelet 14.10.2017 (BE) Antwerp, Desert Fest 16.10.2017 (DE) Koln, Lime* 17.10.2017 (DE) Munster, Rare Shop Guitar* 18.10.2017 (DE) Bielefeld, Potemkin* 19.10.2017 (CH) Basel, Hirschneck* 20.10.2017 (DE) Frankfurt, Yachtklub* 21.10.2017 (DE) Munich, Keep It Low* 22.10.2017 (AT) Salzburg, Rockhouse* 24.10.2017 (DE) Wien, Viper Room* 25.10.2017 (DE) Dresden, Chemofabrik* 26.10.2017 (DE) Erfurt, Tiko* 27.10.2017 (CH) Olten, Coq D'Or* 28.10.2017 (DE) Siegen, Vortex* * dates with Black Bone

BIOGRAPHY: HOUSE OF BROKEN PROMISES is an Indio, CA based desert-stoner rock/metal band consisiting of guitarist Arthur Seay (Unida, ApeSh!t), bassist/vocalist Joe Mora (HDR, Street Drugs DTLA, The Adicts) and drummer Mike Cancino (Unida, Lynch Mob). Formed from the ashes of UNIDA (which also featured John Garcia of KYUSS fame), HOUSE OF BROKEN PROMISES is a pure shot of classic hard rock, stoner rock and metal. With their Small Stone Records debut "Using the Useless" this trio lead the charge in a more refined stoner metal approach than the standard stoner rock sound of similar scene bands. Now recently signed to Eternal Sound Records, The world awaits their second release “The New Dystopia”.HOUSE OF BROKEN PROMISES incorporates bombastic drum beats with guttural vocals and tuned-down guitars. Also composing songs dealing with social instability, political corruption, the dangers of drug abuse and apocalyptic prophecies. Now with two tours of Europe under their belt, that contained performances at HellFest 2014 and DesertFest Berlin 2013 and DesertFest London 2013, they our about to embark on their third starting with DesertFest Athens 2016 Let it be known that HOUSE OF BROKEN PROMISES is the definition of a hard rock power trio. The band signed for Heavy Psych Sounds Records for the release fo the new Ep "Twisted" out October 6th 2017, the band will make an extensive Eu tour of 30 shows starting September 29th to october 28th.

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