NEWS: Russia´s Hardcore / Rap / Techno Phenomenon: Moscow Death Brigade: the new album

MOSCOW DEATH BRIGADE is a hardcore/rap/techno phenomenon from Russia that plays "Circle Pit Hip-Hop": a unique and aggressive mix of electronic music, hardcore punk and rap, steeped in graffiti and street culture and flavored with a progressive social message against war, racism and any kinds of discrimination. In January 2018 these balaclava wearing, track-suit sporting rebels are releasing their long-awaited second album titled “Boltcutter” which will introduce the world to the next level of Circle Pit Hip-Hop. This time the band’s classic mixture of hardcore/metal/rap instrumentals, punk rock attitude and machine-gun Rap flow comes amplified by the influences from Drum’n’Bass, Dancehall, Techno and Grime, while continuing to lyrically explore topical social issues and wrapped in the band’s unique style and tone. With the new record the band sets a new standard of sound, blending together the atmosphere of the moshpit with a spirit of illegal rave parties and unleashing a beast powerful enough to break down the walls, borders and stereotypes. "We grew up in Russia in the 90’s where the fans of different subcultures like hip-hop, metal and techno were fighting each other, while we liked all kinds of street music and were obsessed with street culture in general", say the members of the band. "Since then we’ve had a dream to create our own form of music which would unite all kinds of people together: from punks and skins to rap kids, metalheads and ravers."

MOSCOW DEATH BRIGADE Boltcutter Fire & Flames and Rebel Sound Released: 26.01.2018

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